Message for the beginning of the new EC tenure from Enrico Francesconi

Dear IAAIL Members,
With the new year a new IAAIL Executive Committee has taken office and, with this message, I would like to introduce the new EC members:

Enrico Francesconi, IGSG-CNR, Florence, Italy; Publications Office of the EU, Luxembourg
Floris Bex, University of Utrecht and University of Tilburg, The Netherlands
Michał Araszkiewicz, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland
Returning Members-at-large
Danièle Bourcier, University Paris II, Paris, France
David D. Lewis, AppGate, Dallas, Texas, United States
New Members-at-large
Monica Palmirani, University of Bologna, Italy
Juliano Maranhão, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Honorary Member
Anne Gardner, Palo Alto CA, United States

We have left behind an exciting year, full of activities, culminating in a very successful ICAIL 2019 in Montreal and the decision to organise the next ICAIL 2021 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the first time in Latin America. All this testifies to the character of a lively community...


IAAIL Executive Committee Announces Venue for ICAIL 2021

Dear members of the ICAIL community,

We are happy to announce that ICAIL 2021 will be organized by Juliano Maranhão and his team in São Paulo, Brazil, with tentative conference dates of June 21 through June 25. The bid has been selected by the IAAIL executive committee after careful consideration of five bids. Adam Wyner is program chair of the ICAIL 2021 conference and Michał Araszkiewicz serves as secretary/treasurer.

Best wishes,

On behalf of the IAAIL executive committee,

Bart Verheij, president
Enrico Francesconi, vice-president
Anne Gardner, secretary/treasurer


Message after ICAIL 2019 from Bart Verheij

Dear members of the ICAIL community,

We can look back at an exciting ICAIL edition in Montreal ( We enjoyed a strong program with research papers across the breadth of our field by researchers of all career stages; there was a good variation of workshops and tutorials covering current developments and supporting the government and industry connection; and Yoshua Bengio and Pim Haselager provided inspiring keynote lectures.


Presidential Address @ICAIL2019 now available!

Bart Verheij's presidential address, given at ICAIL 2019 in Montreal, is now available at


Customer Experience - Merck Research Fellowship


Future of AI - Merck Research Fellowship



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