IAAIL statement on the continuing war in Ukraine

The IAAIL has been shocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the human suffering this has caused: millions displaced, thousands dead and cities in ruins. First and foremost, we would like to express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine, taking special note of the academic community and the impact this has on them and their families. We further express our support for those Russian academics who are against the war, whether they have actively spoken out against it or not. Like many scientific communities around the world, we dedicate ourselves to respect, dialogue and open collaboration.

If you are an academic from a Ukrainian institution working in AI and Law or a related area, and are in need of support, please contact secretary@iaail.org – while the association itself does not have positions available, we can bring you into contact with local academics who might have. You can also contact us if you are a community member who would like to support Ukrainian academics (e.g. with paid or non-paid guest internships). More generally, if you are an academic who can offer or is in need of help, please check out https://scienceforukraine.eu/.

On behalf of the IAAIL,
The Executive Board,

Floris Bex (President, Utrecht University and Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
Monica Palmirani (Vice-President, University of Bologna, Italy)
Michal Araszkiewicz (Secretary-Treasurer, Jagiellonian University, Poland)
Anne Gardner (Honorary Member)
Juliano Maranhão (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Adam Wyner (University of Swansea, UK)
Serena Villata (CNRS, France)
Roland Vogl (Stanford Law School, US)


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