Legal Text, Document and Corpus Analytics workshop report (LTDCA 2016)

The Legal Text, Document and Corpus Analytics workshop (LTDCA 2016) took place at the University of San Diego School of Law on Friday, June 17th. Also known as “Law & Big Data II,” the workshop was hosted by USD’s Center for Computation, Mathematics and the Law (CCML). IAAIL members Karl Branting, Ted Sichelman and Jack Conrad were among the workshop’s organizers.

A report on the LTDCA 2016 workshop can be found here:


IAAIL Executive Committee Announces Venue for ICAIL 2017

The International Association for AI and Law is delighted to announce that the sixteenth edition of its conference, ICAIL 2017, will be held in London, United Kingdom.


Katie Atkinson's podcast on NetLawMedia

Netlaw Media interviews Professor Katie Atkinson, Head of Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool and President of IAAIL. Katie shares an insight into the current academic R&D projects being undertaken in relation to AI and the future of technology within the legal sector. In addition Katie shares her perspective on the fear of change and whether the AI revolution is a threat to lawyers.


IAAIL President’s End-of-Year Message to Members

2015 was a banner year for Artificial Intelligence, including AI and Law. It was a year when we heard about advances in self-driving cars and expanded applications for robots, about quantum computers and cognitive computing. In the field of AI and Law, we learned about developments in e-discovery, big data and predictive analytics. Cognitive computing applications have included IBM Watson-based systems like ROSS, and future applications are anticipated from the relationship recently announced between Thomson Reuters and IBM.


CodeX Fellowship 2016/17 - Application Deadline: Dec. 11, 2015

Fellow, CodeX – The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics
CodeX – The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics ( is accepting applications for a Resident Fellowship for the 2016-17 academic year. CodeX is a cross-disciplinary research center jointly operated by Stanford Law School and the Stanford School of Engineering. The center's mission is to explore the application of technology toward improving the quality, efficiency, and accessibility of the legal system. Codex research fellows will have the opportunity to spend one to two years at Stanford Law School collaborating with scholars in computer science and other relevant disciplines.



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